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Nick Jordan

Freelance writer

Nick Jordan is a marketeer and freelance writer, currently working in the international education sector. Based in Cambridge, he has written for and edited a wide variety of lifestyle and business publications around the UK.

Did Someone Else Write Shakespeare's Plays?

Well, here's something for Rylance to chew on: perhaps Shakespeare made it up, invented the details, as creative people are often known to do. This seems never to occur to Oxfordians, who reject the notion that a mere glovemaker's son from a provincial backwater, could possibly have had the wit to write some of the most brilliant and insightful verse in the English language.
18/10/2011 23:59 BST

Student Visas and Immigration

In August this year the Home Secretary Theresa May announced a raft of legislative proposals that would form another front in the Government's campaign to reduce the total number of immigrants entering the UK.
21/09/2011 15:05 BST