Richard Shorter A dad taking a stand against the myth of the ‘perfect parent'. Parenting coach, Church minister, husband and father to three children.

My name is Richard Shorter, and I enable parents to take a stand against the myth of the ‘perfect parent’, to tear up and throw away this unfair and unattainable expectation we see all around us.

Being mum and dad is the hardest yet most amazing job we will ever do.
Parents deserve the opportunity to have the courage, strength and self-belief to take control, have more fun and be themselves. This is why I offer coaching online or in person, drawing on my 20 years of experience in supporting families.

I am also a dad to three I know what it is to be clear up sick at 3AM and still be in the office at 8am!

My parenting high point was teaching all of my children the words to Ice Ice baby, once they had master the word collaborate.

As well as being a parenting coach I am part-time Baptist Minister in Harold Hill, Essex.