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Shaista Aziz

Founder of the Everyday Bigotry Project

Shaista Aziz is a freelance journalist specialising on race, gender and identity and is a women's rights and anti racism campaigner. She is the founder of the anti racism digital platform The Everyday Bigotry Project and the Co-founder of the Women's Advancement Hub (WAH)Pakistan.

Five Things You Can Do To Tackle Racism During The Election

The normalisation of xenophobia in our political discourse and media is having a real impact on the lives of real people. If you value equality, respect and human dignity, then this election is the time for you to step up. Your vote is your pledge - your pledge to stand against the bigotry that is being mainstreamed in our politics and public spaces. Here are five ways that you can directly challenge xenophobia in the course of this general election...
21/04/2017 17:37 BST