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Tasha Smith


Writer, blogger and aspiring novelist, when it comes to writing my master is fiction but I have many mistresses. Relationships, art, pop culture, online dating, Spain and literature. These are the topics that get me tapping.

There are no boundaries between my life, my work and my writing. If I throw myself into a topic, I fling myself 100 percent. Most recently that topic has been online dating. Producing content, writing blogs, creating profiles and flirting, I’ve learned a lot as an insider to this industry. Some of those insights feed the storyline in the novel I’m currently writing.

I've spent the last ten years living in Spain but I’ve recently moved to Manchester to do an MA in Creative Writing and find a publisher. Yes, that's how much I love writing. I've left behind a beautiful little studio house, friends, the beach, the sun and my dog to find publishing glory. Will I succeed? Time will tell.

Back in 2007, I set up creative writing workshops called In The Write Light ( based in Tarifa. They’re currently on hold, but I still blog about writing at

For anyone who’d like to view further samples of my work, please see

Dreading January? Try a Little Decadence

Why do we do it to ourselves? Don't we deserve better? The end of one year and beginning of another is an event in itself. Do we have to compound the situation by reckless goal-setting? Methinks not.
23/12/2014 06:23 GMT

Writing a Novel? The Big Lie

It's time. I sit at my laptop and I have nothing to do but write. The house is clean, all commitments have been met; I am free to write. Steam rises from a cup of tea to my left; I pick it up, sip and stare at the screen...
12/12/2013 13:09 GMT

Writing a Novel? Find the Joy

Henry Miller is right. The only way to have consistency is to have joy. Writing is a thankless task if the validity of doing it is dependent on external approval. That's fine if you're JK, King, Mantel, Boyd or Rushdie. The rest of us bottom feeders have to like the taste of crumbs and get a big kick out of small things like the possibility of a feral word.
22/11/2013 15:11 GMT

Writing a Novel: The Real Deal

This critical voice is paramount because if it's encouraging, the words come; they made not be good words but they're allowed fill the page. If the voice is too critical, the words never become ink. That's what's going on with me lately. I look at the words I produced for my dissertation and the words I'm now putting on the page and I feel like I've regressed...
07/11/2013 12:05 GMT

In Defence of Liz Jones

Liz and Rihanna represent the archetypes of feminism, one strong and undefeated, the other weak and under constant attack. We find it hard to sympathise with Liz because she embodies everything we've worked so hard to leave behind.
05/07/2013 11:08 BST

Are Modern Women Doomed to Lose the Battle of the Sexes?

Seemingly men today are scared of women. We've taken their jobs. We pay our own bills. We buy our own shoes, chocolate, wine and cable TV. What do we need men for? Oh yeah, babies. Although, we could just follow Monica Cruz and go to a sperm bank if we want.
31/01/2013 15:19 GMT

Why It's Madness to Confuse Writing with Therapy

In the same way journalists have a responsibility to report facts, creative writers have a responsibility to convey the facts of a story, even if those facts are a total fabrication, pure fiction.
22/11/2012 11:25 GMT

Stone Flowers: Turning Torture Into Musical Inspiration

Made up of twenty refugees, both men and women from Iran, Sri Lanka, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Iraq and Turkey, each member of Stone Flowers is a living testament to the strength of the human spirit.
17/10/2012 17:11 BST

Desperate Tactics Don't Work on Dating Sites

The fact is people can smell desperation a mile away. Even through a computer screen. An online dater may think they're are being smart that they're breaking the rules, but all everyone sees is a loser in a bar with a bag over their heads.
30/03/2012 21:57 BST