Tony McKenna

Philosopher, Novelist, Journo. Author of 'The Dying Light'


The Political Event Of Jeremy Corbyn

They say that Corbyn is entirely unelectable. But the rabidity with which they denounce him, the sheer ferocity of the attacks, suggests that, deep inside, they fear the very opposite to be true.
07/06/2017 11:46 BST

Sleeping Rough in the Age of Austerity

While the broader policy of economic hack and slash has created the conditions for a sharp increase in the level of homelessness, stigmatization of homeless people themselves effectively helps shift the focus from the political sphere...
07/10/2014 14:30 BST

X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens with a vision of what is to come; a smoking, smouldering post-apocalyptic wasteland where the few remaining mutants shelter in the barren crags, darting through the rubble, trying to avoid extermination at the hands of sinister, implacable robots - the Sentinels.
10/06/2014 09:16 BST

Ofsted: Who Inspects the Inspectors?

From the moment you attend that first job interview, you can often find yourself participating in an elaborate and bizarre form of performance art. 'Why do you want the job?' - they ask. For most people, the answer is relatively simple - 'because I have bills to pay, kids to feed, etc...'
06/03/2014 12:33 GMT

Who to Blame for the High Cost of Theatre Tickets? The Usual Suspects.

The rise of 'resale' sites - on-line companies which hoover up large swathes of tickets before selling them on at grossly inflated prices - has helped create a price-hike which has seen the average ticket in London's West End driven from £28.84 in 2001 - to £45.12 at the end of the decade.
19/02/2014 18:25 GMT

Crowdfunding: A New Horizon

You might have already heard of Crowdfunding - the phenomenon by which an idea for a project or invention is relayed to the public, usually via the internet, in order to attract funds and become a reality. This year it has hit the mainstream with a bang - with celebrities such as Zach Braff and James Franco using it as a way to attain revenue for their own movie projects.
24/12/2013 09:55 GMT

Laurie Penny and the Oppression of Women

'All men are implicated in a culture of sexism' - says Laurie, and this is a 'challenge'. But any such challenge is profoundly divisive. It is as divisive as saying all white people are implicated in a culture of racism.
20/08/2013 12:39 BST

The Five Most Shocking TV Character Demises

Contains Spoilers ***** Last week the Twittersphere erupted in a single collective yowl of shock and disbelief. The cause - the penultimate episode in series three of Game of Thrones.
11/06/2013 14:59 BST

Hugo Chavez's Electoral Win Represents a Victory for Democracy

The illegitimacy of the doctored footage did not worry the mainstream Venezuelan press in the least. The broadcasting company Venevision, headed by Gustavo Cisneros (a media mogul very much in the Rupert Murdoch vein), had no qualms about running the incendiary images on a loop in the hours and days which followed the coup.
11/10/2012 09:58 BST

The Mayor of London

Some people have excitedly speculated on the possibility of Johnson becoming PM one day. If he ever makes it to the highest office in the land, I suspect his old world charm will be rapidly evaporated by his instinctive and ruthless elitism. But by then, of course, it will be too late.
10/08/2012 12:31 BST

Hell de Jour: The Sex Trade and its Advocates

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, comedian Chris Dangerfield provides a new spin on an old argument regarding the sex trade. The argument is a familiar one: prostitutes are exploited but hey that's okay - because so are billions of other people. There is, he claims, no difference between the exploitation of a prostitute and that of a person working in Tesco stacking shelves for 12 hours a day.
23/07/2012 16:15 BST

Intelligence Quota

The notion of IQ has, in recent times, seamlessly infiltrated our language becoming a synonym for intelligence more generally. However, it is worth considering that the history of IQ testing is pervaded by a darker and more sinister aspect altogether.
01/05/2012 22:28 BST

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Liberal lefties are, in my opinion, all too quick to cry 'fascism' - much like the boy and his imaginary wolf - until, well... the wolf ceased to be imaginary, that is.
12/04/2012 13:14 BST

The Road to Nowhere: A Military Strike Against Iran

In an article entitled <a href="" target="_hplink">'Iran through the Optics of Iraq'</a> CEO of BICOM and fellow Huffington Post contributor Lorna Fitzsimons argues the case, somewhat surreptitiously, for military intervention in Iran.
28/02/2012 14:41 GMT

Harry Potter and the Midnight of the Century

Literature and art more generally, must in some way draw upon the historic in order to gain sustenance. And in a paradoxical way, children's literature is more capable of this than most.
22/02/2012 10:12 GMT

The Greek Paradox

The mainstream media image, which has emerged from the triangulations of the volatile European financial landscape, seems to promote a clear North South divide. The hotter countries of the south Mediterranean, such as Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal are portrayed as having cultivated a languid and hedonistic lifestyle among their citizens.
16/02/2012 11:38 GMT

Smacking: The UK Debate Continues

Politician David Lammy's remarks about smacking have brought the debate on child discipline more sharply into focus this week. He was, in part, reacting to a directive enacted by New Labour in 2004 which precluded parents from using a level of force that might incur a 'reddening' on the skin of their progenies
09/02/2012 10:31 GMT