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Wes Streeting

Labour MP for Ilford North

Labour MP for Ilford North and Member of the Treasury Select Committee.

The Government Should Be Cutting Crime, Not The Police

The Mayor simply can't keep Londoners safe on his own. We need the Tory Government to step up and do their bit. The upcoming Budget is a golden opportunity to increase real-term funding for the Met and for police forces around the country. No one wants to see police numbers falling or more police stations closed, but it's up to the Government to act. They should be cutting crime, not the Police.
01/11/2017 11:54 GMT

The Underhanded Scrapping of the NHS Bursary Is a Complete Disgrace

On the last day before the summer recess, buried in a deluge of government announcements, today Jeremy Hunt has snuck out an announcement that the NHS bursary will be scrapped for students seeking to begin study in 2017/18. This is a complete disgrace and shows that the cynical and underhand tactics used under the last Prime Minister will continue under Theresa May.
21/07/2016 17:58 BST

The Government's Behaviour on Student Grants Is Underhanded and Undemocratic - We Must Not Stand for It

Grants designed to support students from the poorest backgrounds through university will be abolished today, but if you plan to tune in to BBC Parliament to watch a fiery political exchange you'll be sorely disappointed. There will be no Commons debate, no Commons vote and no sign of the mass demonstrations that shook the government that chose to treble university tuition fees five years ago... The government's behaviour is underhand and undemocratic. The poorest students will lose out as a result, making the policy unfair. Students, and the general public, should not stand for it.
14/01/2016 08:14 GMT

The Curse of Homophobic Bullying

Yesterday's <em>Evening Standard</em> carried a moving article from <a href="" target="_hplink">Dr Christian Jessen</a>, about a school friend who hanged himself because of homophobic bullying.
05/07/2012 09:53 BST