10 Types Of Men To Avoid

01/09/2010 15:19 | Updated 22 May 2015

Most of us would admit to the odd dating mistake. But while we've all got our faults - hey, we know we're not perfect either - there are some types of men that are best avoided at all costs.

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10 types of men to avoid

The fanatic

It doesn't matter whether it's football or flower arranging, the fanatical man is unlikely to put you first (or second, for that matter). Unless your obsession matches his, don't get involved or you'll be in for long periods of waiting.

10 types of men to avoid

The emotional blackmailer

Mr Emotional Blackmail is tricky to spot because he will often seem like the perfect gent... at first. But beware ladies – once you're trapped in his web, this charming man can quickly turn clingy and controlling and before you know it you'll have to 'prove' you love him... by never leaving his side.

10 types of men to avoid

The mummy's boy

Woe betide those who fall for a mummy's boy. He's more than likely still living at home and relies on his mother for his washing, cooking and emotional wellbeing. Even if you can prise him away from the family home, you'll need a samurai sword to sever those apron strings – and he'll always choose her side over yours.

10 types of men to avoid

The slob

The slob won't make himself known straight away, but if you end up back at his place and there are mouldy plates and half-eaten pizza lying around, just turn around and leave. It's a short hop from helping him tidy his flat to washing his dirty laundry (of which there will undoubtedly be plenty).

10 types of men to avoid

The ladies' man

It's the age-old mistake that so many have made before – believing you can change him. Just remember that as quickly and utterly as you fell for the lothario's wily charms, so too will many more after you... and probably before you've even

parted company.

10 types of men to avoid

The workaholic

If all you want from your man is the money and possessions that come from seven-day-weeks and 18-hour-days, then be our guest and ensnare a workaholic. But if you crave family life, romantic holidays or cosy nights in, you'll be sorely disappointed. Strictly for the material girl.

10 types of men to avoid

The narcissist

We'd all like to imagine ourselves with a Brad Pitt or a Johnny Depp, but the reality of the pretty boy isn't quite so much fun. Not only will the narcissist spend hours primping and preening his perfect hair and skin (making you feel like a positive minger), you'll have to stop every few yards so that he can check his reflection.

10 types of men to avoid

The bully

Bullies don't necessarily come out with fists flying (though that particular type deserves the attention of the local law enforcement). From incessant sarcasm to verbal abuse and threats, emotional bullying can be devastating. Banish the bully before his bulls**t does some harm.

10 types of men to avoid

The egotist

There's nothing wrong with a bit of confidence but the egotistical man, much like his female counterpart, is no fun to be around. His constant need to remind everybody of past glories and general sense of superiority will have you reaching for the hard liquor on a nightly basis.

10 types of men to avoid

The damaged man

We've all got baggage, that's a given. But fall for this guy and you'll be dragged down into his ever-deepening spiral of self-loathing and misery. Whatever tragedy has befallen him, he refuses to move on – you, on the other hand, should.

10 types of men to avoid


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