Style Awards 2010: Best Dressed

24/12/2010 13:21 | Updated 22 May 2015

If you think deciding between our five finalists is a tough task, try getting the category down to only five! We here at MyDaily spend all year keeping a mental list of celebrities in the running for the best and worst dressed of the year (does that make us sad or just good at our job?!) but all that planning does nothing to ease the pain of naming the final nominees.

Check out the gallery below and then cast your vote for which celeb deserves the label of best dressed in the poll at the bottom.

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Style Awards 2010: Best dressed

When the Avatar star stepped out onto the Oscar red carpet in this Givenchy gown, a new style star was born. While the frock didn't prove to be everyone's taste, with this one dress Saldana rocked herself to the elite class of A-listers allowed to take fashion risks. None of her other choices this year proved as dramatic, but she was consistently chic.

Style Awards 2010: Best dressed

We weren't bowled over by any of Carey's major gown moments (neither the Prada spoons nor the Vennet flowers were all we hoped they would be), but her semi-formal style has been impeccable. From press call to party, Miss Mulligan has been the classiest woman in every room and the red Prabal Gurung frock she wore to the British Independent Awards was no exception.

Style Awards 2010: Best dressed

Cheryl's probably looking forward to putting 2010 behind her, but we certainly hope she holds onto this year's wardrobe! This short Elie Saab frock is just one example of the brilliant balance she struck between high fashion and sexy girl-next-door - which is exactly where she belongs.

Style Awards 2010: Best dressed

Getting yourself onto the best dressed list is impressive in any year; it's downright amazing if you spent most of the year pregnant! Of her many stunning sartorial moments, we were especially fond of this Lisa Ho gown she picked for the Elle Style awards. Her accessories were flawless and the fit was perfect for her tiny baby bump.

Style Awards 2010: Best dressed

Where would fashion be without RiRi? The popstar's ability to carry off challenging catwalk fashion on the red carpet is simply unparalleled. She set her personal bar high in January when she turned up at Clive Davis' Grammy party in this fantastic Viktor & Rolf frock. As we close out the year she has yet to disappoint (well maybe with her hair colour but that's another subject altogether!).

Style Awards 2010: Best dressed


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