Boutique Of The Week: Rockett St George

24/01/2011 15:24 | Updated 22 May 2015

Certain homeware sites are great for kitchenware, others for lighting, others for art – Rockett St George is great for pretty much everything. Packed with all the super-chic items you've seen and envied in your most stylish friend's house, I would allow a good half an hour for browsing. And if your shopping basket stays empty, you're a stronger woman than I am.

We spoke to long-time friends and co-founders Jane Rockett and Lucy St George to find out more:

boutique of the week; rockett st george; butterfly printsSet of six butterfly prints, £29 at Rockett St George. Pic: Rockett St George

Tell us a little about your work backgrounds and how you came to create Rockett St George.

Lucy: Jane's background is in PR and marketing, she then trained to be a photographer. Mine is in retail, so the combination of skills was perfect to create an online shop.

How do you decide what to stock?

We love to find practical items with a twist. We love to make the mundane beautiful. Our general rule of thumb is - if we would have one ourselves it's right for Rockett St George.

rockett st george; boutique of the week; sky plantersSky planters £59 (medium); £24.50 (small) Rockett St George. Pic: Rockett St George

Are most of the products by British designers?

We try to use as many UK designers as possible and are always open to receiving information on new products from people. We love to work directly with the designer. It's a privilege to work with such talented people as Ros Shiers, Bianca Hall, Abigail Ahern, Rebecca Winter, London Kills Me... to name just a few.

What are your current favourite items?

Lucy: The set of 6 butterfly prints. I love them. I have just had them framed and put in my hall and they look amazing.

Jane: The Seletti wooden rug. I have just decorated my bedroom and have one of these on either side of my bed - they are simply gorgeous.

rugs; rockett st george; boutique of the week; homewaresSeletti wooden rug, £200 at Rockett St George. Pic: Rockett St George

What three words would you use to describe Rockett St George's style?

Unique, quirky and beautiful.

What are your best sellers?

The UK Type Map and the Coloured Cupcake Tea Light Holders are Rockett St George classics and just sell and sell.

What's the quirkiest item you stock?

Ooh - not sure... maybe the Sky planters .... or the Bunny dish drainer.... or the Cork Champagne Stool..??

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