Alexandra Burke And JLS Strip To Underwear For New Fashion Line

19/11/2017 05:13 GMT

Alexandra Burke and JLS strip off for new fashion line 2KX. Photo: 2KX

Alexandra Burke and JLS have proved what we already knew - that singing isn't their only talent!

The X Factor stars - who met on the show in 2008 - have joined forces to create their own fashion brand called 2KX.

The name comes from the abbreviation adopted for the year 2000 - 2K - and the letter X, which is the Roman numeral for 10, adding up to 2010, the year the group created the label.

Photo: 2KX

Their clothing collection will debut in March at USC and, and it includes glamorous and daytime pieces for men and women, as well as an underwear line - available now - which the group unveiled today to give us a sneaky teaser.

And, we've got to say, they're all selling it rather well!

What do you think of the new underwear collection? Let us know below.