Catwalk Review: Danielle Scutt A/W 2011/12

20/02/2011 13:29 | Updated 22 May 2015

Danielle Scutt, autumn/winter 2011/12. Photo: PA

DESIGNER: Fashion East-er Danielle Scutt returns to the runway after a brief hiatus from London Fashion Week.

INSPIRATION: 80s, 80s, and did we mention 80s? Specifically late 80s power dressing and bling.

TOP LOOKS: The oddles of gold jewellery worked best with well cut black jersey pieces, while a well-cut tan cocoon jacket was perfect for wrapping up on a chilly day, and the cage-like dresses are perfect for daring party girls (think Alice Dellal). That said, we stop short of the turquoise crush velvet wrap-dresses and huge shoulder gold lamé concoctions. It might be ironic dressing up, but it's just too Dynasty for us.

ACCESSORIES: The show was also the first official outing for Scutt's collaboration with Topshop's Freedom jewellery brand. Resulting in a deluge of statement gold chains, chokers and belts.

WHO WAS THERE: Strictly East End fashion crowd

WHAT WE THOUGHT: For her return to the catwalk, Scutt stuck to her guns and gaves us 80s style mashed up for 2010s club kids. The result? There were flashes of beautifully designed clothes, but the retro references felt a little too ironic in places.

See our favourite looks in the gallery below:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=985071&pid=985070&uts=1298208547
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