Catwalk Review: Manish Arora A/W 2011/12

05/03/2011 16:35 | Updated 22 May 2015

DESIGNER: Manish Arora, the man soon to take the reigns at Paco Rabanne

INSPIRATION: Arora loves a spectacle - and this time he took things a step further by employing a bearded magician to make the models reappear and disappear before the audience's eyes. The clothes themselves provided their own sense of drama with a riot of kaleidoscopic colour and embellishment.

TOP LOOKS: Foil-like dresses with stained glass pattern fell just below the knee offered serious evening glam while skeletal metal corsetry recalled Day of the Dead imagery. All in all, silhouettes were kept relatively simple, so that Arora's unique approach to colour and embellishment could shine through.

WHO WAS THERE: Kanye West stopped by to catch the show, alongside all the top fashion editors.

WHAT WE THOUGHT: Despite the fantastical magic and creative madness on the runway, Arora managed to pull off his own little trick. The show itself was a spectacle and masterly display of showmanship, but the clothes were wearable without being subdued, and elegant without being constrained. And that, is a little bit of fashion magic.

See our favourite looks in the gallery below:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=989350&pid=989349&uts=1299322533
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