Daphne Guinness: 'I Didn't Call Victoria Beckham An Ugly Pig'

15/03/2011 14:47 | Updated 22 May 2015

Daphne Guinness denies calling Posh an 'ugly pig'. Photo: PA

Daphne Guinness has taken to Twitter to deny calling Posh the unpleasant name, quoting her as saying:

"[Beckham is] an ugly pig! Downbeat, miserable and awful. Of course she's going to make money - she's backed by Simon Fuller. I don't have anyone! She annoys the shit out of me."

The quote made the rounds on the internet, but Daphne has turned to Twitter to protest her innocence, writing a number of tweets, including: 'I am so sad stitched up by the sunday times [sic]. I thought c. long was a friend. I would never call anyone an ugly cow, not my words.'


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