The Perfect 10: Scenic Volcanoes

15/03/2011 18:47 | Updated 22 May 2015

Volcanoes are undoubtedly very cool indeed (if occasionally a little dangerous). And around the world, you can go exploring them in different ways - from cable cars and drive-in craters to poking lava with a stick. We've picked out ten of the most spectacular volcano adventures from around the world for the best hot-rock holidays.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=912928&pid=912927&uts=1280757252

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Etna, Sicily, Italy

The largest active volcano on the European continent looms spectacularly over Sicily. The soils on and around Etna are fantastically fertile, so great food comes from there and many towns have been built around it. When it decides to blow properly, things could get rather interesting.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Teide, Tenerife, Spain

Teide dominates Tenerife's skyline, and is one of the things that makes Tenerife more than just a beer and beaches destination. It is possible to get most of the way up by cable car and the views from the top are well worth the journey.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

Cotopaxi is one of the highest volcanoes in the world, standing at an impressive 5,897m. It is a popular spot for climbers, but the most fun is to be had cycling down it on a mountain bike. Just remember to have one hand over the brakes...

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Soufriere Hills, Montserrat, Caribbean

Between 1995 and 1998 a series of eruptions from the Soufriere Hills volcano wrecked the best part of Montserrat and destroyed the capital city, Plymouth. It's still spewing out steam and the crater is gradually increasing in size. Going to watch it in action from the Montserrat Volcano Observatory is a pretty awesome experience.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Vesuvius, Near Naples, Italy

Arguably the most famous volcano of all time, Vesuvius was the big beast that destroyed the town of Pompeii in 79 AD. Pompeii is now one of Italy's most popular tourist attractions, as people come to see how it was left buried alive by Vesuvius.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Mount Yasur, Tanna, Vanuatu

Other volcanoes may be higher or more infamous, but few match Yasur for pyrotechnics. In the evening, the low lighting makes for something of a fireworks display. Be careful though – guides have a habit of taking travellers beyond where it's safe.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Volcan Pacaya, Guatemala

Pacaya is one of the few active volcanoes in the world where you walk alongside flowing lava. You get to the hot gloopy stuff via a spectacularly barren lava field on the mountainside, and can get close enough to poke the lava with a stick.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Mount St Helens, Washington State, United States

Perhaps the best known volcano in the United States, Mount St Helens is best known for its spectacular eruption in 1980. It is possible to do a number of tours around St Helens, including one by helicopter.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

La Soufriere Sulphur Springs, St Lucia, Caribbean

Billed as the world's only drive-in volcano, it's possible to park up in the middle of La Soufriere's volcanic crater then watch the water bubble and steam vents hiss. It's not quite as spectacular as you might expect from the description, but it's still pretty cool.

Perfect 10 volcanoes

Timanfaya, Lanzarote, Spain

Tenerife isn't the only one of the Canary Islands with a spectacular volcano, of course. Timanfaya is notable for having a restaurant near the top, and it's possible to rock up for a barbecue dinner where the food is cooked by the heat of the volcano.

Perfect 10 volcanoes


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