Mum Of Three Uses Handbag To Tackle Gunman At School Meeting

24/03/2011 18:07 | Updated 22 May 2015

Clay Duke holding council at gun point (l); Ginger Littleton tries disarming gunman with handbag (r)A mum of three used her handbag to tackle a gunman who stormed into a school

meeting intent on a killing spree.

Clay Duke, 56, opened fire with his handgun from just 8ft away in protest at his

wife losing her job at the school in Florida.

All six men on the school governors' board escaped unharmed, and the woman

colleague, who had temporarily left the room, sneaked back in to hit Duke with

her handbag.

Mother-of-three Ginger Littleton continued to grapple with Duke before being

thrown to the floor.

The six minutes of chaos at Bay City School in Florida, ended when Duke shot

himself dead after being wounded by an armed security guard.

CCTV footage shows Duke bursting into the room, ordering members

of the public to leave, and spray painting a symbol taken from the film V For

Vendetta on the wall.

As he levels his gun at board superintendent Bill Husfelt, his intended victim

pleads: "Please don't!" But Duke fires anyway, only to miss all his targets.

Later, Mrs Littleton said: 'I could either walk away, thinking

something bad was going to happen and try to live with myself.

'Or I could try to do something to divert or delay. My bag was what I had, so

that's what I did.'

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