Victoria And David Beckham Choosing Baby Names For Their Daughter: Katherine A Favourite

24/03/2011 13:58 | Updated 22 May 2015

Victoria BeckhamGambling types be warned - it seems the smart money is on a Royal moniker for the new Beckham baby.

Bookies William Hill claim they have seen a 'sustained gamble on David and Victoria Beckham naming their first daughter Katherine' in the last 24 hours, causing them to slash the odds from 10/1 to 7/1.

Though given that now matches the likelihood - in betting terms at least - of the couple naming the baby Sandra, after David's mum, we're not entirely convinced by their reckoning...

A spokesman for William Hill claims David and Prince William's burgeoning friendship might inspire the Beckhams to name their new daughter after Kate Middleton:

'David and Wills have had quite the bromance recently and the Beckhams may choose to pay homage to the Royal couple by naming their baby Katherine,' said spokesman Joe Crilly.

However, when Victoria was pregnant with youngest son Cruz, she was quoted as saying she loved the name Luna - well, actually she said she loved the WORD luna - 'I love the word luna [Spanish for moon]. I know it's a girl's name. So maybe for the next baby...' However, since Frank Lampard now has a daughter with the same name, we can't see Posh following a trend someone else has already set...

Likewise, we'd imagine Rebecca (as in Loos), is also off the list - though Becky Beckham does have a ring to it.

So what names ARE the bookies touting as possibilities? William Hill's odds are as follows:

4/1 Juliet (as in Romeo and - geddit?)

6/1 Jacqueline (after Posh's mum)

7/1 Sandra (after David's mum)

7/1 Katherine (our future Queen)

8/1 Jessica

10/1 Emily

10/1 Olivia

10/1 Ruby

12/1 Angel

12/1 Lily

16/1 Angelina

16/1 Cheryl

16/1 Emma

16/1 Holly

16/1 Katie

25/1 Cher

25/1 Kerry

33/1 Melanie

33/1 California

50/1 Chardonnay

50/1 Crystal

50/1 Sharon

50/1 Tracey

50/1 Paris

66/1 Jordan

66/1 Geri

100/1 USA

100/1 London

100/1 Jet

250/1 Leytonstone

250/1 Posh

250/1 Waynette

Personally, we're kinda liking Leytonstone Chardonnay Beckham - what do you think?

What WILL the Beckhams call their daughter? If indeed, it IS a girl Posh is carrying.

What is your odds-on favourite?

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