Abbey Clancy In Skinny Jeans Days After Daughter's Birth

25/03/2011 13:11 | Updated 22 May 2015

Abbey ClancyHow do these celebs do it? While most of us are still wheeling out the maternity smocks and elasticated waists for at least three months after our babies are born, these yummy mummies seem to effortlessly slip into their super-skinnies just DAYS after giving birth.

Our case in point is WAG Abbey Clancy - she only had Sophia Ruby LAST WEEK for goodness sake and here she is strutting her stuff in skin-tight drainpipes. Grr!

What's the celeb secret? The lure - and fear - of imminent magazine deals or just sensible diet and exercise throughout pregnancy?

Were you back to your pre-pregnant shape within days of birth, or are you still fighting the baby-bulge months (or years!) on?

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