16-Year-Old Had Bottom Tattooed With '100% Welsh Lamb': Mum's Fury

11/04/2011 19:16 | Updated 22 May 2015

100 Welsh lamb' on her 16-year-old daughter's bottom.</p>
<p>Renee Brady only spotted the tattoo on 16-year-old Levi's bottom after the youngster fell from a horse, injuring her hip. The furious mum phoned the police and reported the tattoo parlour.</p>
<p>She said: '<strong>The tattooist has branded a child as a piece of meat for the rest of her life.</strong> It is the most disgusting thing to have on a young girl and the location of the tattoo is grossly inappropriate - she is only 16.'</p>
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Levi says she regrets the tattoo and knows it was a 'stupid' thing to have done.

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