Six Of The Best: Teapots

04/05/2011 16:20 | Updated 22 May 2015

It is a source of utter bewilderment to my mother that, despite being a homeowner and mother of two, I do not own a tea pot. If you too are looking to avoid disappointed looks from a parent on her next visit and unwanted "protest" tea bag stains on your worktop, read on for my six of the best vessels for a great brew:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=995133&pid=995132&uts=1301994965

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

Designer Esther Horncher has illustrated the Bathing Girls tea pot so that, when filled, it looks like the naked beauties are taking a dip in tea.

Bathing Girls tea pot, £27.50 at Dutch by Design.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

Make like Betty Draper with this 1950s dandelion clocks print - one of the most popular from the Sanderson's fabulous back catalogue.

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks fine china tea pot, £24.99 at the gifted penguin.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

This is really clever. Here, the tea leaves swirl freely in the stainless steel filter while the tea is brewing, then once your preferred strength is reached, just press down the plunger and this locks the tea leaves in at the bottom of the filter, so the brewing process is stopped. No more "stewed" tea.

Bean tea press, £33 at Bodum.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

Utility kitchenware at its finest. Countdown to the: "Oh good grief, we had one of those in the Sixties, I should've kept it for you..." comment from your mum.

White enamel tea pot with navy blue trim, £14 at Labour and wait.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

One of the prettiest porcelain pots you're likely to see – for the girliest of afternoon teas.

PiP Studio tea pot, £29.95 at John Lewis.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots

This is a two for one: equal parts pretty ornament and functional tea pot. Also comes in blazing yellow.

Blazing flowers tea pot in blazing blue, £16.99 at The Contemporary Home.

Six of the Best: Tea Pots


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