Baby With Broken Leg Sent Home From Hospital

13/05/2011 13:55 | Updated 22 May 2015
Baby with broken leg sent home from hospitalCorbis

A furious young mum has told how doctors sent her baby home with a BROKEN LEG after claiming it was just a 'bruise'.

Sixteen-month old Jayden was rushed to hospital by his frantic mum Shannon Bidewell after she accidentally tripped and fell on him.

A&E medics x-rayed the tot's leg and despite noting a line on the bone, claimed - after a seven hour wait - it was just a bruise.

But Shannon was so concerned about little Jayden she took him to a different hospital the following day where a crack in his femur was diagnosed. Jayden's right leg was subsequently put in plaster.

Shannon, 19, told reporters: 'To put a baby through that much pain is truly shocking. They haven't even apologised to me.'

A spokesman for Barnet Hospital said they were investigating Shannon's claims.

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