Family Holidays: Recession Hits Middle Class Getaways

20/11/2017 04:29 GMT


Cash-strapped middle class families can no longer afford to go on holiday, new figures reveal.

The Department for Work and Pensions' annual survey of families and poverty found that one in 14 of Britain's wealthiest families say they don't have enough money to take a holiday, with more than one in three middle-income families saying lack of funds means they will not get to go away with their family this year.

The report shows that 36 per cent of families said last year that they wanted a week's holiday away from home but could not afford it, whilst four years ago 31 per cent of families made the same claims.

Does this ring true for you? Are you unable to take a holiday this year despite being in work? Or do you consider holidays luxuries which people can do without in the current economic climate?