Window Dressing

13/05/2011 11:14 | Updated 22 May 2015

Windows can be tricky to dress, but pricey curtains and so-so Roman blinds are not your only options. From patterned frosting and coloured vinyl to shutters and digitally printed panels, here are a few ideas on how to make a feature out of your windows, whatever your style:,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=995120&pid=995119&uts=1301993735

Window dressing

This blind doubles as mood-enhancing art for your window.

For all blind quotes call Ella Doran on 0207 613 0782 or email with your finished blind measurements.

Window dressing

A chic updating of the old coated plastic shop front/living space dividers of days gone by, these versatile fringe curtains are pre-treated with anti tangle spray and can be trimmed easily to size using scissors.

Fringe curtains, available in 35 colours and in faux leather and other fabrics. Prices from £145 at House Couturier.

Window dressing

Using deep dyed coloured polyester gives a cool, modern stained glass effect.

All JFK window treatments are bespoke, so to find out more visit JFK window film & vinyl or call 0208 679 5428.

Window dressing

Leather blinds – surely the sexiest blinds out there. Choose from textured plain leather, faux crocodile or faux alligator. Available in ten colours.

Leather blinds, from £995 at House Couturier.

Window dressing

If you need privacy but don't want to lose light, window films are a great option – and this is one of the prettiest we've seen.

Otto window film, £50 at Emma Jeffs.

Window dressing

Even the humble Venetian blind can make a real style statement if the colour choice is bold. An easy and economical way to add sunshine to your showers.

Sunway Metal Venetian Blinds in yellow, from £58 for a 61cm x 61cm blind at Sunway Blinds.

Window dressing

It's the little things that lift a look and choosing a great curtain pole and finials (the bits that fit on each end of the pole) can make all the difference.

Selection of twine finials, from £77 at House Couturier.

Window dressing

No more trying to match your curtains to your sofa. If you're lucky enough to have a window as grand as this one to dress, the rules are there are no rules.

Yoruba curtains, £128-£158 at Anthropologie.

Window dressing

Shutters are a brilliantly versatile option for dressing up your windows with a fresh, clean super chic look.

Prices start from £168 per sq m at The California Shutter Company.

Window dressing

The much maligned net curtain reinvented. Whether plain or patterned (here in lace) a sheer panel can pretty-up any window adding softness and interest without losing light.

Ribbon lace panels from £16 at John Lewis.

Window dressing


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