Suri Cruise In Flat Shoes Shocker

18/11/2017 20:01 GMT


We never thought we'd see the day when little Suri Cruise stepped out in sensible shoes, but it has come to pass!

Suri, five, was spotted ambling down a Beverly Hills street with proud mum Katie Holmes, wearing a pink ruffled-shoulder sundress and, wait for it, FLIP FLOPS.

After last weeks' heels-on-the-beach snaps, we're actually quite relieved to see Suri OWNS some casual footwear. We are now just wondering if the family owns an iron - cute as that frock is, it is need of a damn good press...

Katie, meanwhile, was doing crease-free chic in rolled jeans, ballet pumps, a floral floaty scarf and white linen shirt. We like.

With a shoe collection reported to be worth a massive £100,000, we've rounded-up a few of Suri's finest footwear moments...

What do you think? Pleased to see Suri looking like a child for once, or thoroughly sick of the media's obsession with her clothes and shoes?