Fabergé Returns With First Authentic Eggs In 90 Years

24/11/2017 06:11 GMT

Fabergé has announced its first series of authentic Fabergé egg pendants in 90 years.

Faberge egg pendants 2011 The jewellery brand - a name synonymous with luxury and craftsmanship - has revealed the couture pieces which pay tribute to the lavish Imperial Easter Eggs designed by Fabergé for the Russian Imperial Court until the Russian Revolution of 1917.

These one-of-a-kind egg pendants, Les Fameux de Fabergé, form a twelve item series - one for each month of the year - with the first making its debut at couture week in Paris.

A second collection - Les Frissons de Fabergé - features more than 60 designs which play with iconic Fabergé themes and designs and a third - Les Saisons Russes - as the name suggests, reflects on the Russian seasons.

To find out more about a selection of the individual pieces, click the image below: