How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Teens On The Road?

17/11/2017 23:26 GMT

Learner plates on car PA

If you rashly promised to stump up and get your teens on the road for the first time the bill could cost more than you think.

Eighteen is now the average age to own your first set of wheels, according to research from Co-op Insurance. This comes with a price tag of £4,459 with over half the bill down to insurance.

Less than a third of the cost covers the car itself with the average 18-year-old being the owner of a Vauxhall Corsa worth £1,450.

So how do the rest of the sums stack up? First there's the bill for 20 driving lessons at £480, though research from the AA claims the average number of lessons needed is more like 48 which could bring the driving lesson bill to over £1,000.

Only around 50 as a penalty for poor driving.

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