Hot Or Not: Kim Kardashian's Thigh-High Leather Boots

22/09/2011 11:56 | Updated 22 May 2015

Louboutin boots. Gold because of the jewellery. KK is nothing if not on message.

Hot or not: Kim Kardashian's thigh high leather bootsPhoto: PA
There are a couple of things we can think of to say about this outfit but they can be expressed better with another picture:
Hot or not: Kim Kardashian's thigh high leather bootsWarnings from history. Photos: PA/Empics
With the possible exception of J-Lo's snakeskin ensemble (which will be forever burnished onto our retinas in all its hideous fabulousness) these pics show the whole thigh-high business is a fashion minefield. The only one to regularly emerge from it well is Christian Louboutin and his bank balance!

PS: Kim's wedding ring is, sadly, not from this particular business venture.

For more Kardashian style, check out the gallery below:


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