23/09/2011 12:23 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kate 'N' Kate Enjoy An Evening With Philip Green - MyDaily A Little Baffled

kate-moss-philip-green-kate-hudson-jamie-hince A highly unlikely ensemble: Kate Hudson, Philip Green, Jamie Hince and Kate Moss. Photos: Rex

After palling up at Stella McCartney's 40th birthday shindig, it seems that Kate Moss and Kate Hudson are on a one way street to becoming BFFs. Kate 'n' Kate were spotted meeting for dinner at 45 Park Lane Hotel last night, with Jamie Hince, Matt Bellamy and Philip Green for company.

Now maybe we're missing something, but aside from the obvious shared name (which let's face it is 10-second conversation), we just don't know what these two ladies have in common. Put another way, Kate H is the organic decaf skinny latte to Kate M's double espresso and a fag. Add Philip Green to the mix and you've got one awkward evening ahead of you.

That said, we do have one suggested topic of conversation: why is it that Jamie Hince always looks like he got dressed in the dark?

Want to see where this unlikely friendship first blossomed? See the photos from Stella's birthday below: