PHOTOS:Downton Abbey's Sarah O'Brien And Other 'Baddies'

10/10/2011 18:47 BST | Updated 10/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Sarah O’Brien's sly manoeuvres in Downton Abbey have fast become the highlight of Sunday evenings, with the lady-maid’s bitter asides making her the character that audiences love to hate.

Acid snipes like “If she's got a boyfriend, I'm a giraffe,” together with her deft manipulation of other characters foibles, make her scrumptiously scheming role central to the hit ITV drama.

Operating from the sidelines with her co-conspirator Thomas, the footman, Sarah O’ Brien’s is described as a "watchful, vengeful, malign spinster" in her character profile.

So with viewers at home willing her to pop her proverbial spanner back into the works, Huffington Post UK celebrate some other deliciously malicious crones....