Meryl Streep Hits Westminster To Promote The Iron Lady

14/11/2011 16:08 | Updated 22 May 2015

Here in the MyDaily office, we're getting rather excited about Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in the forthcoming film, The Iron Lady.

meryl-streepMeryl Streep at The Iron Lady photocall. Photo: Getty Images
Although it's not set to be released until 6 January next year, Streep hit London's embankment today to promote her next big movie. She donned an oversized coat and ankle boots for the photocall, but from what we've seen from the the trailer, she's got her Thatcher outfits (and the accent) spot on. We didn't expect anything less from Meryl.

Take a look at the video for a sneak peek at the film and see her style evolution below.,feedConfig,localizationConfig,entry&id=920565&pid=920564&uts=1281446533

Style Evolution - Meryl Streep

She described her role as Linda in The Deer Hunter to Ms. magazine in 1979 by saying "They needed a girl between the two guys, and I was it." But despite the macho nature of the film , Streep was powerful enough in her small part to earn an Oscar nomination (a sign of things to come perhaps?). On the arm of her husband Don Gummer, a 27-year-old Meryl Streep look radiant in a lace topped dress with her golden locks left loose when she attended the ceremony. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Streep looked every bit the 70s icon in a tan tunic and long skirt when she arrived at the premiere with her costar Alan Alda. Today's overdone starlets could take a few hints from her glowing, nearly makeup-free face! Style Evolution - Meryl Streep With her second nomination, Streep came out a winner picking up the Oscar for best supporting actress for her role in Kramer vs. Kramer. Again she kept her signature blonde hair down and her dress understated. Luckily for Streep, her clean cut blazer proved a timeless choice. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Was Meryl Streep the original Hollywood yummy mummy? From the looks of this shot of her carrying her first child (son Henry) in a blue corduroy baby sling that perfectly complimented her chequed shirt which in turn was paired with a classic trench and oversized sunglasses, our bet is yes! Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Pregnant with baby number two, Streep accepted Oscar number two in a gold sequined gown. Perhaps not surprisingly, nabbing best actress for her role in Sophie's Choice brought the expectant mother to tears. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Even the great Meryl Streep couldn't escape the 80s without big hair and a power suit. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep When the actress stamped her mark on the Hollywood walk of fame, her trademark blonde hair was gone in favour of a darker 'do. She kept her fashion simple for the occasion using a sunflower to add a whimsical touch for the celebratory occasion. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Unfortunately a heavy dose of powder gave Streep's face a ghostly hue which matched the flowing white shirt on her Oscars gown a little too well. Makeup mishap aside, her choice of a figure flattering, off the shoulder gown made the 1999 awards a fashion hit for Streep. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep Streep has frequently remarked that she spent her early career assuming it would all be over by age 38. But luckily for those of us who adore the actress, along with pals like 63-year-old Susan Sarandon, she's rewriting the Hollywood rules. One set of rules she can't rewrite however are fashion's. The multicolour metallic coat she wore to the hospital's opening wasn't on trend in 2002 and certainly hasn't been redeemed over the last eight years. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep More than perhaps any other actress of her age and calibre in Hollywood, Streep proven a tireless supporter of the women walking in her footsteps. Nicole Kidman's Yves Saint Laurent gown may have overshadowed Meryl Streep's odd pantsuit but, style aside, the pair were equally rewarded for their performances in The Hours. While Kidman's nomination led to a win, Streep defeated herself and took home the trophy for her performance in Adaptation. Style Evolution - Meryl Streep
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