Hot Or Not: Jessica Biel Colour Blocks In Tangerine And Royal Blue

03/12/2011 08:21 | Updated 22 May 2015

Jessica Biel is becoming known for her hit and miss sartorial extravaganzas, and with these bright orange trousers and shirt, which she paired with a pair of royal blue Louboutins and over-sized handbag, we're pretty certain we know which side of the fence she landed on this time.

Hot or not: Jessica Biel colour blocks in tangerine and royal blueJessica Biel's stab at colour blocking. Photo: PA

Jessica, who was pictured following a visit to the BBC Radio 1 studios in London, hasn't got the look entirely wrong. Individually, we love the bold colours, especially those heels, but altogether, it's not quite doing it for us.

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