Photos Released Of Horror Crash In Which Seven Year-Old Saw Drink-Driving Dad Die Next To Him

08/12/2011 14:21 | Updated 22 May 2015
Photos released of horror crash in which seven year-old saw drink-driving dad die next to himPA
Pictures of an horrific crash in which a seven year-old boy saw his father killed have been released by police and the boy's family.

The shocking photographs have been released as part of a hard-hitting anti-drink-driving campaign. Dad-of-three Trevor McCabe, 52, was three times over the limit when he was driving his son along the B122, near Castleford, North Yorkshire, in August this year.

Mr McCabe's Volkswagen Golf smashed head-on into a Honda CRV. The dad died and left his little boy seriously injured. The police photographs show the terrible aftermath of the crash.

It was so severe that Mr McCabe's Golf was flipped onto its side.

Photos released of horror crash in which seven year-old saw drink-driving dad die next to him


The driver and a passenger in the Honda - which was travelling in the opposite direction - suffered what were described as '"serious, life-changing injuries".

"Most disturbingly of all, Mr McCabe's seven-year-old son was a passenger in the car that dreadful day and he suffered serious injuries," said Traffic Sergeant Sean Grey, of North Yorkshire Police's Roads Policing Group.

"Apart from the physical trauma, we can only imagine what this child is going to remember for the rest of his life, after being in that car while his dad died next to him."

"On the day this happened Mr McCabe was irresponsible and selfish, thinking only of himself. He had no consideration for his actions as he continued to drink before he drove

"It is a simple thing that we ask - don't drink and drive - if not for yourself, think of what effect it can and does have on others.

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