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Baby Reacts Brilliantly After Tasting Lemon For The First Time (Video)

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For some families, watching the latest, littlest member of the clan eating their first lemon is a rite of passage - like riding a bike or their saying their first word.

"J" is one such baby, and here is his YouTube video documenting his citrus-based ordeal.

But what makes J's clip so wonderful is the sheer force of his reaction, then the sudden return to happiness - it's nigh-on guaranteed to make you smile, we promise you.

But if J pulling a sour-face isn't cute enough for you, why not compare and contrast his lemony cuteness with our babies-tasting-lemons-for-the-first-time video gallery. Yes, it exists. And it's here. Now. Below. You lucky, lucky things...


Babies Tasting Lemons For The First Time
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