Ball Girl Picks Up Cockroach During Australian Open Tennis Match (VIDEO)

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Most ball boys and ball girls have a pretty simple job: picking up stray tennis balls. Sometimes a bottle of water is required, occasionally a towel, but by and large, it's just balls.

But there was a small break from tradition over the weekend when ball girl Alison was asked by German player Cedrik-Marcel Stebe to "take care of this bug here please" at his Australian Open match against Lleyton Hewitt.

Deeming picking up an insect and disposing of it himself a little below his station, Stebe left it to a teenage girl to get the job done.

Then again, the bug in question - a cockroach, no less - was definitely a bit of a whopper. Cue an awkward moment for Alison and possibly the weirdest 15 seconds of fame ever seen on a tennis court.

Keen to get the scoop on the bizarre incident, Yahoo's Optus Wildcard managed to grab a few minutes with poor Alison - and to see what they quizzed her on, check out their video below.

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