Nicola Roberts Wears Triangle Cape, MyDaily Create Tribute Puppet

31/01/2012 13:05 | Updated 22 May 2015

Yesterday Nicola Roberts was wearing a fabulous tartan Moschino cape wich splayed out a bit as she walked through central London with her boyfriend to form a glorious tartan triangle.

Nicola Roberts wears triangle cape, MyDaily create tribute puppetPhoto: FilmMagic
Because all good crafting opportunities make use of simple shapes and bright colours we decided this was the IDEAL opportunity to make a Nicola Roberts tribute doll. Sadly we are (currently) not allowed to have a crafting table in the office so we had to make do with things that we had on the desk.

Before you look at what we came up with and judge us, we would like to reiterate that we love Nicola AND her music AND her cape AND we don't have a well-stocked craft table:

Nicola Roberts wears triangle cape, MyDaily create tribute puppetPhotos: Rex/MyDaily
And for more celebs in capes, here's a whole gallery full of them:

Steal Nicola's style and shop cape coats below at MyDaily Store:


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