Geordie Shore Review: Series 2 Kicks Off To More Negative Reactions

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Geordie Shore returned to TV last night for more romps, rows and drink-fuelled antics filmed in the centre of Newcastle's nightlife.

Not a lot has changed, despite Charlotte telling us recently: "I've learned a lot from the first series, I hate what I was like, I was like a little girl."

However, there were two new perma-tanned faces, Ricci and Rebecca, who wasted no time in getting involved in all the getting 'lashed', laid and bitching. The eight stars of the show were also treated to some new decor inside their pad. But the likelihood of it still looking like a plush warehouse at the end of the series is pretty slim.

Newcastle Central MP Chi Onwurah this week raised her concerns over the programme, saying: "Geordie Shore is not representative of Newcastle or Geordies.

"If people feel that the show does not represent Newcastle they should complain to Ofcom."

And after last night's episode, viewers could be forgiven for being confused as to just what planet the stars are from, let alone whether they're really the face of Newcastle.

One show review, on Entertainmentwise, reported: "The decidedly un-glossy feel of Geordie Shore narrows its audience down to a very small demographic of people who have enough exposure to this kind of lifestyle to see the entertainment in it. Everyone else is advised to stick to the comparatively innocent simplicity of TOWIE."

And a critic for the Metro wrote: "I can usually take a fair amount of slop before I start with the moral proselytising and mourning of the death of television and I must confess to at times being amused and grimly entertained by this opening episode, but after an hour of wayward genitalia, shag pads in sheds and unprotected underwater sex, even the bawdiest DC's (daft c****s, thanks Vicky) can't help but be scornful."

Meanwhile, comedian Jack Whitehall joked:

Jack Whitehall
New series of Geordie shore. Wow who needs Downton who needs Sherlock!

Other viewers expressed their distaste for all the the drinking, partying, dry-humping and humping crammed into just the first episode of series two. One wrote on Twitter:

Ben Larder
Caught 5 minutes of Geordie Shore last night. I think the horror is *still* burned into my retinas Aaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!!!

And another said:

Gemma Stafford
Has anyone told the cast of Geordie Shore there's more to life than 'banging' and 'tashing on'

What did you make of the first episode?


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