Hot Or Not: Jennifer Lopez's Oversized Overcoat

19/11/2017 18:11 GMT

Jenny from the block and her beau Casper Smart were spotted arriving at a New York hotel on Monday but we're not entirely sure about La Lopez's oversized choice of winter coat.

Hot or not: Jennifer Lopez's oversized overcoat Photo: Getty

It's not the colour we're taking issue with - after all baby pink has been a staple of Jennifer's wardrobe palette since the halcyon velour tracksuit days of yore - it's the oversizedness of her overcoat. She has become a pink rectangle with legs and a face and we are just desperate to elbow Casper aside and smoosh her into a waist-cinching belt.

J to tha L-O teamed the coat with bright red platform pumps and an oversized clutch.

What do you think of Jennifer's winter look? Are we being too picky? Do you have a belt we can send her? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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