TOWIE: Could Amy Childs' Return Improve The Flagging Show?

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The Huffington Post UK   First Posted: 10/02/2012 12:27 Updated: 10/02/2012 12:27

Is Amy Childs TOWIE's saviour? She thinks not. The flame-haired reality TV star has taken to her Twitter to deny reports that she's returning to The Only Way Is Essex, saying she's "upset" that such lies have been written.

Her reaction comes after The Sun published a story today, claiming a source had said: "Amy would love to rejoin. She desperately misses TOWIE. She was always one of the big stars so it makes sense for her to go back.

"Her show was a complete flop on Channel Five and no one seemed to care so her profile was knocked."

The ditzy star has responded, saying "this is not true", adding that her show: "did not get a axed , it was always going to be a 8 episode show".

But while Childs may not need the show anymore - she's racked up an estimated fortune of £1.5million, which should keep her in fake tan supply for quite some time - does TOWIE need her?

The latest series has so far failed to pull in impressive viewing figures - could Childs' vagazzle back in Brentwood be what the show needs?

Childs was the first of its stars to branch out on her own, famously quitting the ITV2 show last year to take part in Celebrity Big Brother - which was deemed more high-profile than tottering around the expensive nightclubs of Essex.

And after some quality time with Jedward in the house in a polka-dot bikini, she went on to land her own fly-on-the-wall show It's All About Amy on Channel 5.

Meanwhile, the world of BAFTA-wining TOWIE continued and Childs' vacancy was filled with other silicon-enhanced females ready to show off their assets and their lack of brain cells. However, now that the show has reached its fourth series, things seem to have become a little stale. Or as Joey would say, "the reem is over."

Last week, the fourth series kicked off more than half a million viewers down on the third season - the first episode attracting 1.34 million viewers compared with 1.89 million last autumn.

Other popular cast members such as Mark Wright have also left the show and all evidence seems to be pointing towards the fact that maybe this reality show has simply lost its sparkle. Just as we blink when the lights come on after a heady night in a trashy nightclub, are we finally sobering up and regretting our time spent in the silly world of TOWIE?

Let us know your views below - is Amy what TOWIE needs to return to its former fun? Or are its days numbered?

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  • Kirk Norcross

    Kirk's got the rich dad, the swanky sports car and the club... no wonder he's attracting such classy ladies.

  • Lauren Pope

    Popey possesses possibly the poutiest of all pouts in the land of TOWIE and she's not afraid to use them.

  • Gemma Collins

    TOWIE's token larger lady brings endless laughs. Not one to sweep things under the rug or avoid the awkward questions, Gemma once asked Greek twins Dino and Georgie if they look at each others penises.

  • Nanny Pat

    Everyone wants a nan like nanny Pat and everyone wants a bit of her sausage plait.

  • Harry Derbidge

    "Shuuuuuurp!" Harry not only has one of the best catchphrases on the show, he's also on the same level as the girls when it comes to tans, bleached hair and posing.

  • Mark Wright and James Argent

    Mark and Arg, Arg and Mark, The troublesome duo have one of the best bromances reality TV has ever seen - Mark even sat through Arg's colonic irrigation!

  • Mark Wright

    Mark's been branded just about every name going when it comes to his alleged philandering, but that hasn't stopped the TOWIE girls going near him. Anyone would think he's the only man in Essex.

  • Lydia Bright

    Lydia gets credit for having the most tasteful dress sense on the show, think more Chanel and less Agent Provocateur. She's also a hero for putting up with Arg and Mark's bromance. Not one to shy away from a fight, she's pretty good at putting Arg in his place.

  • TOWIE girls glammed up

    See, they <em>can</em> look demure. You've just got to give them a Bafta.

  • Sam Faiers and Amy Childs

    Amy may have left the show for "bigger and better" things, but in our mind she'll always be a TOWIE girl.

  • Joey Essex and Sam Faiers

    Joey Essex, you really can't get more Essex than him. He's also the closest thing to a male Barbie on television at the moment. Here's a rare picture of the "reem" ladies man wearing trousers and not short shorts. We think it's time he faced up to the fact that they're NEVER going to catch on.

  • Lauren Goodger

    It feels like we've seen Lauren cry more times than she's laughed on TOWIE (that will be the ex-boyfriend's fault of course), but here she is doing what she does best - looking pretty in a beautician's.

  • Jessica Wright and Maria Fowler

    Mark's sister Jessica and bubbly Maria know how to party (when the cameras are around).

  • Chloe Sims

    Plastic fantastic, Chloe's not ashamed to admit all the work she has had done to look <em>so</em> good. Her latest mission involves <a href="" target="_hplink">getting bum implants to improve her "flat screen" derrière. </a>