Passenger Films Philippine Airlines Plane Overshooting Runway By 60 Metres (VIDEO)

17/02/2012 12:01 GMT

The Airphil Express Airbus A320 from Manila was set to land at Kalibo airport on the island of Panay without rolling on to the grass. It didn't.

Recorded by a passenger on his mobile phone, the footage above reveals just what a big mistake the captain made, rumbling over the runway and into a nearby field - just metres from locals' homes.

A spokesperson for the local aviation authority, Floramel Joy Fongsong, released a statement that said "the plane overshot the runway by 60 metres."

Airphil Express is one of many low-budget airlines operating today, a part of the Philippine Airlines group, but its rolling stock is relatively new, with the plane involved in this incident just a year old.