Street Art Inspired Style At Manish Arora

02/03/2012 12:30 | Updated 22 May 2015

WHO? Manish Arora

manish-aroraPhoto: Getty Images
IN A NUTSHELL: Graffiti artists were busy providing the backdrop for Manish Arora's Autumn/Winter collection, while the show was happening. As they painted the words 'Life is beautiful' on the wall by the side of the runway, Arora sent the same message through his colourful, vibrant, urban collection, inspired by Brooklyn-based street artist Judith Supine.

BEG, BORROW OR STEAL: Sequin flowers and fur leaves embellished black, brick wall canvases on dresses and skirts, while swirling neon prints made the eyes boggle. 1950s inspired silhouettes were seen throughout, with boleros, trenches and cropped, box jackets highlighting the contrast between feminine shapes and urban imagery.

F-ROW: Anna Dello Russo made a list of her favourite pieces for next season.

manish-aroraPhoto: Getty Images
VERDICT: With a colour palette that ranged from sapphire and fuchsia to neon yellow and purple, it was hard to take your eyes off Arora's experimental collection. However, after showing off his incredible handiwork and detailing, it was the final six pieces that got the biggest applause. As the models stood against the graffiti backdrop, the show was complete. Who knew that street art could be so stylish?

More from the Manish Arora collection below:

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