David Walliams Dances To ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' On Break From Big Swim Challenge (VIDEO)

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Sport Relief
Sport Relief

David Walliams has never been afraid of embracing his camp side and he does so - and then some - in a behind-the-scenes clip from the forthcoming documentary about his swim down the Thames.

Despite battling sickness and exhaustion during the marathon swim from the river's source to London's South Bank for Sport Relief, David still managed to enjoy a lighter moment on a break from the gruelling challenge.

In the footage, David is seen requesting ABBA's disco classic Dancing Queen on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show.

"When are you going to play me some ABBA?" he asks the DJ. "That song was written for me, you know."

After the Scott grants his wish, the comedian treats us all to a little jig round his hotel room in his swimming trunks.

The full documentary, David Walliams’ Big Swim: A Sport Relief Challenge will air at 9pm on BBC 1 on Thursday 8 March, but in the meantime take a peek at David dancing in his trunks in the video above. Enjoy!


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