Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: 'I'm Not Drunk, Just Eccentric'

07/03/2012 07:16 | Updated 07 March 2012

Recovering drug addict Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has blamed her "quite eccentric" personality for her seemingly drunken ramblings during a radio interview on Monday.

The socialite, 40, sparked fears for her health as she slurred her words during an interview with Richard Bacon on BBC Radio 5 Live.

And her incoherent ramblings were such cause for concern that host Richard felt the need to ask her: "Are you all right?"

Shocked listeners took to Twitter to express their worries for the 'star', with one user, Elliot Smith, writing: "Anyone listening to Tara Palmer-Tomkinson on 5Live? She sounds leathered?"

The defiant former it girl responded to the criticism, admitting: "I can't ever say I'm past my problems... I haven't had anything to drink today, or yesterday, or the day before."

Tara, aka TPT, confessed she had been told to "calm down" by her press adviser during the interview but insisted her excitable nature leads to her innocent rambling ways.

She said: "I do get rambling on... I apologise if that's the way it comes across. I must admit I come across as quite eccentric, I'm mis-portrayed and mis-understood. People do seem to have this idea of me..."

Tara has previously had reconstructive surgery on her nose due to a collapsed septum as a result of drug abuse but she insists she's determined to stay clean.

She said: "I worked hard to recover from something which nearly took my life away from me - addiction - I did the meetings, didn't drink for eight or nine years."

Adamant she doesn't have a drinking problem, Tara added: "I don't like alcohol enough, I love going home for one glass of wine with my friend."


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