Tulisa Contostavlos Blasts Mark Wright Dating Rumours


First Posted: 12/03/2012 07:29 Updated: 12/03/2012 10:05   WENN

Tulisa Contostavlos has put to bed rumours she's been hooking up with Mark Wright in an explosive Twitter rant.

The X Factor judge was said to have enjoyed a "steamy holiday fling" with the former The Only Way Is Essex star after a boozy night out in Miami.

It was even suggested the pair shared a bed in Tulisa's penthouse during their "wild night" together, but now the N-Dubz star has let rip on Twitter to rubbish the reports.

"I have sumthin 2 say 2day," she wrote. "1. People make me sick the things they do 4 cash, disgustin. 2. Why am I meant 2 b bangin every guy I'm seen with? 3. I have definitely not s**gged Mark Wright and I can swear that on my uncle B's grave!"

Tulisa also revealed she is dating someone new after her love split from her N-Dubz band mate Fazer in January.

She added: "If the press r so bloody interested in my love life [and] their guna keep makin out I'm s**ggin every bloke I meet till they have sumin 2 write about... Guess what... I am seeing some1!! Cus I'm a bloody human being! & it gets better!... He is not Mark Wright! & 4 the record Mark is not my type & nor me his.

"In fact he thinks I'm a chick with a d**k. & [I] like my men a bit ruff around the edges! Middle finger is up."

Mark also had his say, tweeting: "Funny how u can't even b friends with some1 in a group without people makin up rumours. Oh well another day another rumour. Move on, enough said."



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