Students: How To Survive Moving Back Home With Your Parents During University Holidays

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Living With The Parents
Top tips on how to survive living with the parents

As exciting as the prospect of time off lectures coupled with home comforts and being cooked for sounds, you may be dreading two unavoidable obstacles on your return: the 'rents.

Chores, rules, nagging, curfews - you may not all have parents who rule over the house's inhabitants with an iron fist but most of you will probably reach boiling point with one of your elders during your home stay.

So, how to ensure a peaceful, stress-free break?

We've put together a gallery of top tips to make sure when the time comes for you to head back to university, you may even wish you weren't.

Help with the cooking
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So your culinary skills might not stretch past beans on toast but it's the thought that counts.

Your parents will be impressed you're making a contribution - and it means you can get out of the washing up. Bonus.