Justin Bieber Teases Fans With 20-Second Glimpse Of Boyfriend Video, With Him 'Drowning' (VIDEO)

04/04/2012 14:02 | Updated 04 June 2012

Justin Bieber has come a long way since he wandered around his bedroom, banged out a few tunes and bunged the results on YouTube.

Now he's a multi-million-dollar phenomenon with a franchise extending to music, film and, most recently, perfume, it all taks a bit more production, craft and... timing.

Bieber released his latest single Boyfriend last Monday, but he is taking a bit longer to release the accompanying video, with only a 20-second teaser so far going out on the waves.

The song is the first single from his third album, Believe, which will have guest contributions from Kanye West and Drake.

The clip is a moody affair, with flames, burning tyres, lots of lingering, meaningful looks and, most distinctly, the 18-year-old star apparently drowning, in careful slow-mo, so that we can see that, despite the huge potential for all-round dishevelment, the famous hair remains undisturbed despite, and the face as angelic as ever. Fans need not be concerned - until the next 20 seconds are released, anyway... clip above.

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