Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish Accuses Match Officials Of Lacking Integrity

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Kenny Dalglish shouts at a linesman during Liverpool's loss at Fulham in December | PA

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish may face censure from the Football Association after he questioned the integrity of match officials.

The Scot was furious at the weekend after Liverpool were denied at least two penalties during their home draw against Aston Villa, and is now concerned others may think there is a conspiracy against the club.

"It would be helpful and more transparent if they told us, if they explained the decisions to us, Dalglish was reported as saying in The Guardian. "Or even just held their hands up and say, 'sorry I got that wrong', and we can see they have integrity.

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"But they never say anything. We don't get everything right, do we? So it is understandable they don't either. But a wee bit of respect towards us would help the situation immensely. Otherwise, people might think there is a conspiracy.

"If there is something, then somebody needs to tell us, and if there isn't anything, they need to explain it to us a bit better. We just need to keep going, we can't let it get to that, where we think it's a [conspiracy]."

Luis Suarez was harshly booked for diving at the weekend

Dalglish's comments come after a weekend in which several erroneous decisions were made by officials in the Premier League.

Chelsea were awarded two goals during their 2-1 win against Wigan which were offside, while Manchester United won a penalty against QPR, despite Ashley Young being ahead of play when he received a pass in the build-up.

Wigan coach Roberto Martinez and Rs boss Mark Hughes both aired their anger, with the former brandished Dave Bryan's decision making as "disgusting".

Bryan has been stood down after his double gaffe, and Liverpool legend Dalglish also suggested the officials' integrity does not match that of his club.

"I know we have integrity, I know we have integrity in bucketloads, he added.

Some have mocked Dalglish's comments:

Daniel Harris
"I know we have integrity, I know we have integrity in bucketloads". Ghandi? Mandela? No, mafia-sympathising racism-excuser, Kenny Dalglish.

"But I can't speak for other people and whether they have integrity. What we have to do now, is ensure this football club maintains its integrity, that the players keep their integrity, and hope that people elsewhere have some integrity too.

"They [referees] have to look at themselves and ensure they are seen to have integrity."

Sixty-one-year-old Dalglish has however been accused of shaming Liverpool's reputation this season in his support of Luis Suarez, during and after the Uruguayan's race row with Patrice Evra.

He apologised for his behaviour after the Reds' 2-1 loss to Manchester United on 11 February after he told Sky Sports interviewer Geoff Shreeves he was "bang out of order" for informing him Suarez had refused to shake Evra's hand.

"I did not conduct myself in a way befitting a Liverpool manager during that interview. I’d like to apologise," Dalglish said in a statement the following day.

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