Rihanna's Half-Naked Battleship T-Shirt Tribute - Cute Or Creepy?

11/04/2012 14:47 | Updated 22 May 2015

Rihanna and Brooklyn Decker posed for some official portraits in Sydney as part of their (seemingly neverending) promotional tour for movie Battleship.

But in a change to the usual routine of designer outfits and, in Rihanna's case, five new hairdos exhaustively documented on Twitter we have the movie's leading ladies wearing t-shirt tributes to director Peter Berg.

Rihanna and Brooklyn's Battleship tribute - cute or creepy?Photos: PA

While Brooklyn appears to be wearing Berg's high school yearbook mugshot (and is doing that thing where you roll up your short sleeves on sports day to try and get a better tan), Riri has gone for the more "half-naked and surrounded by girls wearing not much" option.

FYI, this is Peter Berg now:

Rihanna and Brooklyn's Battleship tribute - cute or creepy?Photo: PA

So what do you say to the t-shirt tribute? Cute or creepy?


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