Kimberley Walsh Copies Cheryl Cole With New Hair Cut

16/04/2012 16:31

Cheryl Cole is that you?

No, it's actually her Girls Aloud bandmate Kimberley Walsh, but we were nearly caught out for a minute there.

Now that Cheryl has decided to hit the brunette bottle and get the extennos put back in, our Kimberley has decided she's going to adopt her pal's old hair.

The star has had her long locks lopped off in favour of a long bob, which is very a la Chez.

She showed off her new do on Twitter last night as she got ready for the Olivier Awards.

"Ready to go! New hair do too! #OlivierAwards," she tweeted.

Despite not bagging anything herself for her role as Princess Fiona in Shrek: The Musical, she was made up to be sharing a dressing room with "the legend herself" Elaine Paige, tweeting a picture of them.

It was a good night for her castmate Nigel Harman, who won the award for Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical.

"Such a lovely evening congrats to all winners especially our very own Nigel Harman! So well deserved! Now Gothenburg here I come#holiday!" Kimberly tweeted.

The stars came out in force for theatre land's equivalent of the Oscars:

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