Christopher Hitchens Memorial Video Posted On YouTube Following Global Atheist Convention (Video)

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A poignant tribute video to the late Christopher Hitchens has been posted on YouTube, highlighting some of the crusading non-believer’s best moments. The film was created for the Global Atheist Convention, which was held over the weekend in Australia.

The 11-minute video, which features clips of “The Hitch” from various debates and TV appearances from the last decade, was edited as a memorial for the journalist who died last year after succumbing to oesophageal cancer.

Hitchens was due to attend the annual event, which featured the three remaining “horsemen” – Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins – as well as noted scientist, champions of reason and authors, including Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Laurence Krauss and PZ Myers.

Anglo-America Hitchens started his career at the New Statesman in London, before moving to the United States in the early Eighties, working for a number of publications including The Atlantic, The Nation, Slate and most notably Vanity Fair, for who he wrote a series pieces diarising his fight against the deadly disease.

Hitchens final major work, an autobiography entitled Hitch 22, published in 2010, was critically lauded, though the author had to cut short his planned book tour due to his illness.

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