Simon Cowell Undergoes Regular Enemas

18/04/2012 07:19 | Updated 17 June 2012

Simon Cowell has been outed as a colonic irrigation devotee.

Tom Bower's much-buzzed book about the telly mogul is the gift that keeps on giving - we now know Simon relies on regular enemas to keep his eyes sparkling.

Chatting about his favourite flushing treatment, he told Tom: "It's so cleansing - and it makes my eyes shine brighter."

The biography, out next week, makes Simon out to be a bona fide spendthrift - he once bought a vintage MG sport scar but got rid of it the next day because it was "too draughty".

The Britain's Got Talent boss, who earns £45 million a year, splashes out £3,000 a week on fresh flowers for his Beverly Hills mansion, and spends £155,000 every time he flies his private jet between London and LA.

His luxury yacht also makes a hefty dent in his bank balance - the 193ft Slipstream costs £2m a month to charter.

He hooks himself up to an intravenous drip to pump vitamins into his bloodstream, and he once had a therapist visit him weekly to cover him in oil and clingfilm to "detoxify and oxygenate" his skin.

He even demands black loo roll in his bathroom - because white toilet paper reminds him of an asylum.


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