Will.i.am Breaks Rules From BBC's The Voice By Offering To Work Privately With Axed Contestant Jenny Jones

Posted: 23/04/2012 09:12 Updated: 23/04/2012 09:12   WENN

The Voice Jenny
Will.i.am wants to work with Jenny Jones despite axing her from the show...

The Voice coach will.i.am risks a rap on the knuckles from TV bosses after he offered to work with one of the show's axed contestants - despite choosing to give her the boot from the show.

The Black Eyed Peas star chose a string of singers to go through to the live television stages of the BBC talent contest and competition rules state the producer is unable to work with any of the auditionees until the series is over.

However, Will is reportedly hoping to team up with unsuccessful hopeful Jenny Jones straight away.

The judge picked potential pop star Joelle Moses over warbler Jenny to go through to the next round, but has given the 25-year-old hope following her exit from the show by offering her his guidance.

And Will has ruffled producers' feathers by going against the spirit of the competition.

A source told The Sun: "The whole point of the competition is that if he wanted her, he should have picked her on the show."

But it seems the musician will be blocked from working with Jenny until the series is over.

A TV insider said: "He can’t do anything with Jenny until after the show and nothing formal has been offered to her."

Jenny has toured with dance act Basshunter and was once signed to a small record label before her audition for the new talent Juggernaut.

Will has previously caused controversy by allegedly telling Jenny's fellow auditionee Jay Norton that he wanted to snap him up for his own label.

See who else was axed in The Voice this weekend...

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  • Team Danny - Aleks Josh

    The 17 year old heartthrob works as a part-time lifeguard. Blind Audition: Jason Mraz - I'm Yours

  • Team Danny - Vince

    This bare-footed babe auditioned without his shoes on. Blind Audition: King's of Leon - Sex On Fire

  • Team Danny - Max Milner

    Max's mother is the leading lady in a West End production and he once played the lead in Footloose. Audition: Mash up of Eminem - Lose Yourself and The Beatles - Come Together

  • Team Danny - Bill

    Ed Sheeran has already shown support for the 24 year old, describing a cover he sang as 'sick'. Blind Audition: Plan B - She Said

  • Team Danny - David Julien

    His biggest fan is his dear old dad who never misses a gig. Blind Audition: The Script - Man That Can't Be Moved

  • Team Danny - John James Newman

    This 33 year old has already had a taste for fame: his father is a rock star, his brother is in Waterloo Road and his band have supported Bon Jovi. Blind Audition: Eliza Doolittle - Pack Up

  • Team Danny - Emmy J Mac

    This cutie owns a company that organises music events for children. Blind Audition: Corrine Baile

  • Team Danny - Murray Hockridge

    At 47 years old, Murray has been working in the business for 30 years. Well, as the old saying goes - if at first you don't succeed... Blind Audition: James Morrison - You Give Me Something

  • Team Danny - Hannah Berney

    Hannah was so star struck in her audition that she couldn't remember her mother's name. Blind Audition: Lady Gaga - You and I

  • Team Danny - Bo Bruce

    This lovely Lady dropped her title in favour of...err...Bo. Blind Audition: Usher/ David Guetta - Without You

  • Team Jessie - Ben Kelly

    With over a million views on YouTube and this bow-tied laddie made all four judges turn their chairs

  • Team Jessie - Ruth-Ann St. Luce

    Wobbly audition or not, Jessie still turned her chair and that's what matters. Blind Audition: Leona Lewis - Run

  • Team Jessie - Cassius Henry

    Despite having a record deal with Sony at just 16 years old, the tragic loss of his brother meant Cassius' dreams never materialised. Now, he's back and ready to start again. Blind Audition: Neyo - Closer

  • Team Jessie - David Faulkner

    The shy Welsh builder surprised us all with his sassy rendition of a Motown classic. Blind Audition: Stevie Wonder - Superstitious

  • Team Jessie - Kirsten Joy

    A backing singer who's sung with the best of them, Kirsten fancies some limelight of her own. Blind Audition: Emile Sande - Heaven

  • Team Jessie - Indie and Pixie

    This Guilford twosome do everything together, including sing and wow Jessie J. Blind Audition: P!nk - Perfect

  • Team Jessie - Vince Kidd

    This contestant claims he is constantly judged on his appearance, after such a swagtastic audition we bet his voice will be taking centre stage from now on. Blind Audition: Madonna - Like A Virgin

  • Team Jessie - Jessica Hammond Boldly singing one of the coaches' own songs clearly paid off for Jessica as she got all four to turn in their chairs

  • Team Jessie - Becky Hill

    The 17 year old's audition moved Will.I.Am to tears. Blind Audition: John Legend - Ordinary People

  • Team Jessie - Toni Warne

    After contracting alopecia, Toni's confidence ebbed away together with her dreams of pursuing a career in music. Lucky for us she's got her confidence back. Blind Audition: Will Young - Leave Right Now

  • Team Tom - Audrey

    This bright haired lady has a fear of auditions but has sung as a backing singer for R. Kelly and P.Diddy. Blind Audition: Gnarles Barkley - Crazy

  • Team Tom - Sam Buttery

    One word: quiff. Blind Audition: Adele - Set Fire To The Rains

  • Team Tom - Barbara Bryceland

    This 47 year old grandma from Falkirk has got a pretty big voice. Blind Audition: Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

  • Team Tom - Adam Isaac

    This young man started a major name dropping battle between will.i.am and Tom Jones. Blind Audition: Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow

  • Team Tom - Leanne Mitchell

    A singer at a holiday park, Leanne hopes to bring her talent to a wider audience. Blind Audition: Beyonce - If I Were A Boy

  • Team Tom - Denise Morgan

    The 31 year old from Manchester finds any opportunity to sing, she has even lent her voice to a drum & bass album in Japan. Blind Audition: Sara Bareilles - Love Song

  • Team Tom - Matt and Sueleen

    This couple famously flipped a coin to decide which judge to take. Blind Audition: The Beautiful South - A Little Time

  • Team Tom - Lindsey Butler

    Lindsey's mum egged her on to audition, and oh so very grateful we are. Her distinct country twang made Tom's head (and chair) turn. Blind Audition: Rod Stewart - I Don't Want To Talk About It

  • Team Tom - Ruth Brown

    This 20 year old has always had music in her life and has even sung for the Prime Minister. Blind Audition: Kelly Rowland - When Love Takes Over

  • Team Tom - Deniece Pearson

    You might recognise this woman from '80s band Five Star. Then again, you might not. Anyway she misses the fame game and wants in again. Blind Audition: Christina Aguilera - Fighter

  • Team Will - Heshima Thompson

    This singer, dancer, actor sang backing vocals for Amy Winehouse and made all four coaches turn. Blind Audition: Taio Cruz - Dynamite

  • Team Will - Tyler James

    Like another contestant on Will.I.Am's team, Tyler also has links with Amy Winehouse. Blind Audition: Otis Redding - Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

  • Team Will - Jenny Jones

    Jenny Jones, who we might start calling Jenny J, began singing at church before hitting the pub circuit. Blind Audition: Duffy - Mercy

  • Team Will - Joelle Moses

    Joelle has already recorde backing vocals for the likes of Rihanna and Toni Braxton. Blind Audition: Adele - Rolling In The Deep

  • Team Will - J Marie Cooper

    After singing one of Jessie's own songs, the pink haired singer made all four judges turned their chairs. Blind Audition: Jessie J - Mamma Knows Best

  • Team Will - Sophia Griffin

    Sophie loves Danny O'Donoghue and has queued for eight hours to see him (twice). Shame he didn't turn around... Blind Audition: Estelle - American Boy

  • Team Will - Frances Wood

    This tender 18 year old boldly sang a Black Eyed Peas' hit to catch the coaches' attention. It worked: Will.I.Am turn his chair. Blind Audition: Black Eyed Peas - Where Is The Love?

  • Team Will - Jay Norton

    Jay landed himself a record deal 3 years ago, but unfortunately things didn't work out. Blind Audition: Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar

  • Team Will - Jaz Ellington

    Everyone remembers this guy's audition, not only was Jaz the only person to sing two songs, but his rendition of Ordinary People made the coaches cry. Blind Audition: Ed Sheeran - A Team

  • Team Will - Kate Read

    The bespectacled lass' audition song choice was inspired by her mother. Blind Audition: Cyndi Lauper - True Colours


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